Entrance exams

Entrance exams are one of those events where you can have a glimpse on a variety of human experiences. Rich kids coming out of their cars, middle-class children with their parents (and sometimes the whole community) for them to support. Some feel indifferent, some excited, mostly anxious on how they would fare for the test.

Some people invest a lot of time and effort to ensure a good result. Those who can afford would enroll themselves to specialized centers to refresh themselves on subjects most likely to appear on these tests - Algebra, English, Physics, some Logic. Others would just immerse themselves on the library or in the internet doing advanced readings or searching test banks to familiarize themselves on the test.

But for everything, including these exams, we cannot assure ourselves of our fate. Ironic that those who are petiks before the tests are the ones who get a slot on the top universities, like my high school classmate who is now taking Mathematics at a renowned state university. On the other hand, our class valedictorian did not passed the UPCAT (or even the USTET?) and found herself a hot topic of criticism.

Entrance exams do not measure one’s intelligence of course, but somehow we could see a student’s character once the results has arrived. Some would be more boastful than a king, while those who were unlucky may even attempt to suicide. A few groups (like this renowned medical-oriented university) argued for scrapping these exams for they see it as unfair to those who didn’t worked that hard during high school.

These tests would still remain; I’m actually for a standardized one for all high school students. What matters though is not if one passed an exam but how he fared after entering his school of choice. As a popular saying goes, Mahirap makapasok, mas mahirap makalabas.

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