Who doesn’t love being praised? I always love that feeling when someone acknowledges the things you’ve done, that after a day of hard work, you have achieved something great.

Being praised always serves as the ultimate energy and confidence booster in life. A simple “Thank you.” or “You did a great job.” is more than enough to keep you going, as a recent fast food commercial shows. It always make you feel good and at the same time encourages you to raise the standards and goals you imposed upon yourself.

Sometimes, people more often than not forget to step their feet on the ground and have their heads bubble due to the praises they hear - lumalaki ang ulo in our language. I could not blame them; maybe they haven’t experienced being praised during their childhood years that hearing complements makes them feel best among the rest. These people maybe needs a tap on the shoulder, reminding them that humans can’t fly (and will never be) no matter how fast we evolve as species.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are people - parents, bosses or even friends who feel so difficult in their hearts to complement what their children or office mates did to them. Sad reality that teenage suicide rates are increasing for the lack of self worth among the victims - they are more often than not criticized and unappreciated even at their best. Others may not kill themselves but live their adulthood in misery thinking that they aren’t worth of value.

Issues in society such as conflict can always be attributed to peoples’ inability to complement one another. It is always a tendency for us to look for someone’s trash, overlooking the person’s positive attributes. No wonder why the world is in chaos because we are unable to notice the beauty in our surroundings and acknowledging that we are not alone living in this planet.

Never hesitate to praise someone who did a great job.

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  1. thesmalltownboy said: "Never hesitate to praise someone who did a great job." And here I am doing it. Awesome! ;)
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